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6 Ways to Make your PM Workday as Productive as your AM


You’re bright-eyed and ready to tackle the workday at 8:30 am with a spring in your step and your creative juices flowing. The next few hours are productive with deadlines met, phone calls returned and projects on point. But, after lunch, the afternoon blahs creep up. Here are some ideas to put some pep in your afternoon so the second-half of your workday is as successful as the morning.

  1. Try and get some fresh air. According to a story in the New York Times, to boost your focus and enthusiasm, take a stroll during your lunch hour. This walk can de-escalate stress, and you’re also getting some fitness perks. If you are walking alone, listen to an inspiring podcast, catch up on an audio book, or enjoy a brisk walk to your favorite playlist. Even better: meet up with a pal for a walk.
  2. Eat a lighter lunch. A heavy, carb-loaded lunch can put you to sleep. So on days when you want to keep your energy levels up skip the greasy burgers, salty fries and sugary soda, and opt instead for salads, salmon, and other protein-packed lunches, says the business site, Wisebread.
  3. Get adequate sleep. The reason why you may have an afternoon slump is that your body is not getting enough rest. Try to settle in a little earlier and wind your mind down to get ready for the next full business day. Good strategies include leaving devices out of the bedroom, keeping your room dark and avoid eating large meals close to bedtime.
  4. Don’t leave all your grudge work for the afternoon. Start with the project you’re dreading most so you breeze through the morning, resulting in more enjoyable work later in the day, says a helpful article from Reader’s Digest. Knowing that that your more demanding tasks are behind you may boost your enthusiasm for the remaining hours at your desk.
  5. Take smalls breaks. Stretch your legs, give your eyes a rest and get a drink of water to re-hydrate. These intermittent breaks are paramount to making it through the day with a good attitude, physical well-being and sharp focus. These small breaks will do wonders for making your afternoon more productive.
  6. Mix up your daily routine. Whether it’s scheduling a meeting or conference call, writing a business plan or scouting for new business, keep your routine fresh. Boredom sets in doing the same thing every day. By mixing up your routine, you’re creating a shift in your business mindset. Friday is almost here!

Author:  Erica Lamberg



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