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Do it Now…How to Get More Organized at Work

According to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals, working to your greatest potential and being more efficient are directly linked to increased productivity.  And who doesn’t want to be more productive? Your boss wants higher productivity from you, you want to get more done in your day.  Time is your most valuable commodity, and tackling your to-do list seems more attainable when you have a game plan. And doesn’t wasting time at work cause you stress and can cost your company money?

All of these are good reasons to consider these five tips to getting more organized at work:

1. Create an hourly schedule

Usually, we know what needs to get done by the end of our workday. But, as we all know surprises come up like deadlines, fire drills and crises that can put our schedule into a tailspin. If you have a working to-do list with deadlines, you can build from there.  Make sure conference calls, project deadlines and meetings are clearly on your calendar.  If your schedule is clear and neat, your tasks are easier to mark off as you complete them.

2. Get to your desk a few minutes earlier

If your morning routine seems a bit unorganized, begin a few minutes earlier. As little as 10 minutes may make a world of difference and can raise your organization game.  You can settle at your desk with coffee or tea, turn on your computer and start your day calm and collected.

3. File, Scan or Toss

De-clutter your desk, especially paper. File paperwork or toss it. Even better, scan it and save it to e-folders. It’s daunting and uninspiring to start your day at work with mountains of paper. Become a paper minimalist and create a nifty filing system.

4. Embrace technology

There are apps that manage your schedule and your Outlook calendar does, too. Send meeting requests through Google or Outlook to keep your schedule accurate and use apps to make sure you’re on time. Keeping a calendar is paramount for organizing your busy days. When your computer and phone are in sync, you’re an organizational guru who’s succeeding at work.

5. Take your lunch break

Being organized also has a mental component. The hourly grind can make you cranky, especially when you’re hungry. Step away from your desk and grab a healthy lunch, take a walk, or listen to a podcast.  When you return, the second half of your day will hopefully be as organized as your morning.

Author: Erica Lamberg


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