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Do people still read websites?

If you’re reading this, then obviously the answer is ‘yes.’ But why did you choose this blog post? Where are you reading it? And what will you do as a result? These are the questions that authors of today’s websites contend with.

Gone are the electronic brochures, the flashy brand websites, and the simplified online versions of our favorite periodicals. Today’s websites are not merely vehicles for content, and today’s users are seeking more than information. They are shopping, planning, dating, and learning. Every click becomes a significant step forward in their social arrangement. And time is precious.

To compete for your audience’s attention in today’s market, you need to do more than give them content. You need to give them a choice. You need to answer a question, solve a problem. You need to help them take the next step.

If your headline doesn’t grab them like a Taylor Swift lyric, they’re probably not going to stick around for the chorus (let alone buy the album). And if it takes more than two or three sentences to make your point, they’ll likely opt for something less complicated.

So keep it simple. Be direct. And give them some place to go. Today’s users want to “do something” while online, and they like to feel in charge. So give them various kinds of content, offer multiple voices, and let them explore. What appeals to a reader on a two-hour train commute may be different than what interests them during the commercial break of their favorite online show.

And don’t forget to keep it fresh. We can’t all find the time to tweet hourly. But presenting content that is relevant to the current climate and taking a unique perspective will help you stand out. Don’t forget that what seemed like the biggest news today will likely be played out by tomorrow.


Author: Ashlee Goodman


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