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Fear Not Internal Communicators: Data is your Friend

Internal communications, like all business functions, continues to evolve at the speed of the Internet. Overseeing multiple channels of delivery and compiling the data they generate is a frightening new role for most communicators.  But the reality of communications today is that outreach and delivery have to be measured to prove results and business value.  Don’t be scared: data is your friend.

Data is essential to any communication strategy.  It provides insight to employee engagement – be it by region, country, department, or pay grade.  It identifies trends that can feed topics and messaging throughout the year.  Data gives statistics to prove which outreach method was most effective – what article received the most likes…which link was forwarded the most…which email generated an increase in event registration.

More than ever, internal communications must set realistic and attainable goals… and these goals must be measured.  Data generated from projects can be used to target future efforts and identify strategic, effective delivery channels.  Data also empowers communicators to be more agile with information that can predict trends and changes in the work environment.

Sophisticated data management is a new role for internal communicators, and it will continue to play an essential role in delivering effective communications strategies.   It’s a daunting task, and not for the faint of heart.  Adding to the complex spider web of gathering and implementing data is protecting it.  Once all this critical information is gathered, what happens if it is breached or lost?  Talk about scary … years of campaigns and insight gone.  Successful communicators will not only integrate data into their campaigns, but they will work closely with their IT counterparts to help protect their data, too.

Partnering with your IT department to leverage data and finding ways to secure that data and make it recoverable are new realities for internal communicators. The days of running from data are over. The role of communicators is evolving, and relying on data to measure their efforts is nothing to fear at all.

Author: Robin Imbesi


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