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Reviving the Company Newsletter


How digital newsletters deliver business value

Have you ever thought you may have too many emails in your inbox? Did you ever wonder why you have too little time in your day? Is creating a company newsletter atop your daily ‘to-do list’ along with eating more vegetables and flossing your teeth?

If you need to disseminate important information to your employees but don’t want to bury them with overflowing inboxes, nonstop instant messages or a flurry of social media notifications, then consider a digital newsletter for your business.

By creating a well-designed and effectively-distributed digital newsletter, you can update and inform your employees in one, pretty package. As an effective management and communications tool, the digital newsletter can:

Save You TimeThink one-stop shopping where everything you need is in one, convenient location. A template format allows employees to access small bites of critical content quickly, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Activate Engagement – Call-to-action items encourage employees to get more regularly involved in the work environment and your company culture.

Be a Conduit to Other Resources – Add quick links, videos, images, infographics and podcasts that connect to other sites, blogs and social media venues for more detailed information if desired.

Set Expectations – Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, distribute your newsletter on a regular basis – keeping employees engaged in both receiving information in consistent intervals as well as sharing relevant and timely data.

Recognize the Everyday Results – People like to be in the know. Keep your newsletters targeted and include regular features like Achievements/Milestones, Note from the President, News, Organizational Announcements, etc… This allows employees to monitor pertinent topics swiftly and easily.

Eliminate Excuses – Working at home or on the go? No problem. Digital newsletters in high-impact, adaptable templates can be read on any device at any time.

So, at a time when many companies have been phasing out this valuable communications tool, consider the benefits of reintroducing a digital newsletter and making it “new” again for your business.


Author: Susan Lenkaitis


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