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Your Secret Weapon for Making Your Company a Better Place to Work

Author: Deb Zingales

Do communicators really help to make your company a better place to work? You bet they do and here’s why …

We all know how vital effective communication is to an organization, but it bears repeating that when executed skillfully, it ensures that your company’s purpose, values, operating model and strategy are clearly conveyed to your employees, giving them a shared sense of purpose and direction. The key to achieving this is your communications lead and team.

Communicators serve as bridges in your company, fostering trust between employees and leadership. Their efforts contribute to boosting employee morale, elevating employee engagement levels, and facilitating collaboration. Their work also helps to cultivate a culture where employees feel appreciated, engaged and motivated to contribute their best.

Beyond Writing

Experienced communicators possess a unique skillset. They develop communication strategies and plans encompassing all areas of internal communications, including executive communications, employee communications, organizational communications, HR communications, change communications and crisis communications.

Often a communicators’ expertise spans across project management, planning, writing, editing and execution. They possess the ability to conceptualize the big picture and develop strategies, then delve into the details and execute on tactics. They are also expected to be chief collaborators across many stakeholders. Find the person (people) in your organization who “knows everyone,” and you’ll find your communications leader or team.

Communicators craft communications that are clear and concise, providing employees the information they need to do their jobs, to keep on top of company news and to align their work effectively to the organization strategy and change developments. It’s also their job to stay updated on best practices for reaching employees through the right channels, at the right time, with the right messages.

The Bottom Line

A good communicator is key to the success of your company. This is the leader/team that often leads the effort to improve employee engagement, heighten morale, enhance collaboration among your workforce – all key ingredients for a better workplace.




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