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5 Question Decision Tree: Deciding When to Use Internal Resources vs. When to Call in the Experts

Almost everything you do as a communication professional fall in either the planning, execution or measurement buckets. With or without a staff behind you, succeeding in these areas can be daunting.  Ask yourself the following questions when considering if you need an expert to help:

  1. Do I know where to begin? If you’re struggling with where to start with your organizational communications, then it’s probably time to ask the experts. A good communication plan is often fluid. Experts can keep your plan updated and pivot when necessary.
  2. Do I have the bandwidth? Depending on what you’re communicating, particularly if it’s change communications, you’ll need to communicate regularly. You don’t want to start a communication strategy and have it fall flat because you’re too busy to follow through on it. For a message to stick, it’s recommended communicating up to seven times. Outside experts can devote the time and energy to do this.
  3. Do I have the experience? There’s nothing wrong with admitting when you need help. Having an expert by your side can ensure you see the big picture. They also bring industry experience and knowledge from various clients. Experts can develop a customized and robust communication strategy that fits your industry and employee needs.
  4. Can I measure analytics timely? Taking the time to look at analytics to make sure your communication lands with employees can mean the difference between a successful or failed initiative. A communication expert can help you measure analytics and can also perform other strategies to get feedback, like holding focus groups or crafting a survey.
  5. What are my barriers? You likely have a finger on the pulse of your employees, but there may be areas you’re unaware of. An expert can help you determine your barriers and make sure you have the right communication plan in place.

If you find you do need a communication consultant, find one that addresses your needs specifically. For instance, if you need a crisis plan or change plan, ongoing writing support, etc., find the expert (s) in those areas who have experience working with internal teams (leaders, employees, change champions, influencers, etc.).


Author: Jennifer Bohmueller


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