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Crafting a Winning Communication Initiative: How-To’s

Crafting your winning communication plan may sound easy if you’re a seasoned communications professional, but there are silent pitfalls and barriers that stand in your way. Why not consider the risks that could derail your plan before you even get started?

Don’t Know Your Audience

It’s vital to inspire your key stakeholders by learning as much about them as possible. One way to do this is in-depth research, such as psychological and sociological studies. You can then draw on this knowledge to develop and execute appealing content that resonates with your audience.

Mixed Messages

When internal and external messages are out of sync, a communications plan is doomed to fail. Prevent this snafu with a consistent communications strategy that reflects corporate goals.

Ensure that messaging is consistent across both internal and external channels.

Skimp on Content

The best communication initiative can be scuttled by poor content. Always deliver content that’s high-quality, engaging and visually appealing. Consider sharing your draft with influencers and opinion leaders for feedback before seeking approval from leaders.

Neglect Measurement

Always measure your results. Without this, you have no way of knowing if your initiative was a success or a failure. Measuring your results helps you uncover what’s succeeding – and what needs improvement. You can use the data you glean to heighten the effectiveness of your communication initiative.

It’s paramount to consider risks when you create a communication initiative. Check these off your list before seeking buy in and sharing your plan.



Author: Diane Karsch


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