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Let Your Grammatically Correct Voice Be Heard

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday, and while some of his wonderful characters are famously beloved (The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch, Cindy Lou Who, Sam I Am), I relate most to JoJo, the small Who in Horton Hears a Who. Why such an obscure character?  JoJo is the voice that breaks through the barrier so the Whos can be heard and saved from being boiled.

As a writer and editor, I often feel like I am constantly yelling against the grammatically incorrect noise that surrounds us.  It drives me crazy to see how the phrase “You’ve got” has become mainstream in advertising and magazines.  I actually cancelled my subscription to O Magazine because their editorial voice used “you’ve got” and “we’ve got” ALL THE TIME. The phrase is “you have,” not “you have got.”

I cringe every time I see a bus go by with an ad telling me to “Live Fearless” or “Think Different.” Don’t get me started on the mis-use of its/it’s, your/you’re, loose/lose and the inevitable me/I. (Just ask my kids, I am constantly correcting them when they tell me, “Michael and me are going to play.”)  I am the mom at Back to School Night who finds misspellings on white boards…and makes the teacher fix it.

As the world evolves into communicating via tweets and texts, I realize the art (yes, it’s an art) of grammar is dying. While my quest can feel like a losing battle, I will continue to fight the good fight to keep the rules of the English language alive.  I will make my voice heard, just like JoJo.  I will stand on top of my own Eiffelberg Tower, proudly and loudly yelling, “YOPP!” so I can save the world from bad grammar.

Author: Robin Imbesi


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