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The Four Must-Have Internal Comms Tools for 2024

Author: DeNesha Tellis


Keeping team members within an organization informed, motivated and aligned is an exciting opportunity and a challenge for communications pros. You may need to make people aware of anything from need-to-know operations updates to a new strategic direction. So, what can help you communicate more efficiently and effectively? Here are four tools you’ll want to consider incorporating into your internal communications strategy.

  • Text message: Not only is texting fast and convenient, it’s a familiar way of communicating for many people. Inside an organization, text messaging allows you to communicate in real time, because most people have their smartphones with them everywhere they go. If you have a brief or urgent message to share, texting may be the best option.
  • Instant message: Whether working one-on-one or with a group, instant messaging has some noteworthy benefits. Instant messaging allows people to quickly and informally collaborate, share ideas and exchange information. This type of nimbleness supports productivity without the need to schedule and attend meetings.
  • Intranet or online hub: Having an intranet or online hub in an organization provides a central location to share company news, documents, learning resources and more. Intranets also offer opportunities for two-way communication, which supports community building. Think: discussion forums and internal social networking.
  • Email: Yes, email. While new tools have been developed to support organizational communications, email still holds its position as a valuable tool. If a company issues email addresses to its employees, email is a great way to access people. The key is to use email strategically and as a part of a mix of different communications channels to avoid overuse.

Strong internal communications help improve organizational performance and are essential for companies to be successful. Using the right tools can enhance internal communications capabilities and make your communications planning and execution more impactful.


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