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The Best Email Software for Internal Comms

Author: DeNesha Tellis

We have good news and bad news. The bad news first. For folks who feel like they are inundated with email, email is not going anywhere any time soon. Now, on to the good news. To better manage the flow and effectiveness of email, software can help.

Most email management software includes basic functions such as file attachment and contact list management. However, internal communicators can better serve their organizations by having access to advanced features. We’ve evaluated three popular software platforms based on their analytics, email management, and design options.

  1. Contact Monkey
    ContactMonkey stands out for its integration with both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail. The software offers heatmaps that visually demonstrate email engagement by highlighting which parts of an email resonate with recipients. In addition to tracking email opens, the software tracks clicks on call to action buttons, videos, and images. Extensive design options allow users to choose from more than 700 multimedia-rich templates through the software platform’s template library.
  2. PoliteMail
    PoliteMail is known for its email tracking and analytics capabilities. It includes a dashboard to view real-time email performance metrics and engagement trends over time. PoliteMail integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. Also, groups can be targeted with tailored email messages using the recipient segmentation feature. And to create emails that meet specific design needs, the software offers customizable templates.
  3. Workshop
    Workshop promotes its ability to help streamline the internal communications workflow. Its capabilities include reporting across all emails and touchpoints to get a holistic view of campaigns. A robust library of app integrations allow the software to connect with the other communication channels, including Slack, Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams, Workday and more. A singular calendar in the tool displays sent and scheduled emails for simple editorial calendar management. Also, drag-and-drop email templates support the simple development of on-brand messages.

While email is not going anywhere and there’s no avoiding the emails that lose themselves in our inbox, there are ways to effectively deliver internal communications through email. Using an effective, integrated email tool may be your answer.



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