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Using Texting as an Effective Internal Comms Tool Without the Controversy

Author: DeNesha Tellis

Entrepreneur magazine reports that Short Message Service (SMS) messages have an incredible 98 percent open rate in the United States, with 60 percent of those messages being viewed within the first five minutes they are received. And few of us leave our home or office without our cell phones.

Those facts make using SMS (also known as texting) to reach employees sound like a no-brainer. But when it comes to using text messaging as a tool inside an organization, make sure to consider some important points. Have a thorough plan in place so texting at your company will lead to rewards and not regrets.

Follow the rules: Check with your legal and/or human resources team to determine what types of information can be exchanged via text while remaining compliant with regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Also consider offering a way to opt out of receiving texts.

Establish expectations: Make sure it’s clear whether a message is for information or if the receiver should take action. People will always ask the question: what do you want me to do?

Keep it quick: Text messaging is not an ideal tool for complex communications or those that require discussion. In some instances, email, where you can track conversations and share files, or collaboration platforms may be a better option. Texting is great for sharing short, time-sensitive updates, reminders and announcements.

Be professional: Another rule to note is double-checking grammar, spelling and punctuation before you hit send. And like email, be sure to avoid using slang and abbreviations and watch your tone. Text maybe a more relaxed way to communicate, but if you are texting business-related messages, be professional and never flip.

Stick to business hours: Unless there is an emergency or urgent situation, avoid texting employees outside of standard working hours. This shows that the organization respects everyone’s time and minimizes blurring the lines between personal and professional life.

Texting can be an engaging and effective way to reach internal audiences. Plan ahead to avoid common pitfalls and reap the rewards of texting your company messages.




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