Insights & Opinions… from the MAC4 team.

Outlining Your Way to Success

It’s astonishing how people resist developing an outline before writing a white paper! “I just want the ideas to flow,” they may say. Or, “I want it to sound natural!”…
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Change Communications, Borg-Style

Organizational change stirs up strong emotions. Unfortunately, fear, uncertainty, and anger are three common ones. These negative emotions are exacerbated when change communications sound like a threat from the Borg…
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Back to School Means Back to Basics

The start of a new school year is a great time to remember the basic rules of spelling and grammar.  As a self-proclaimed “Grammar Girl,” nothing irritates me more than…
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For Great Branding, Probe Deeper

“We give great customer service.” “We meet our clients’ needs.” “We have cutting-edge products.” Ho-hum.   If you want boring, use statements like the above. If you want branding, you’re…
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Writing for a Global Audience

We often want to embrace our personal creative voice in our writing using intellectual four-syllable words, our favorite clichés and aphorisms, and various cultural references.  However, when writing for a…
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De-Cluttering Copy

Have you ever visited a website where the pages ran on and on like the Dead Sea Scrolls? Read a white paper that appeared to have everything including the kitchen…
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