Insights & Opinions… from the MAC4 team.

The Problem with Great Service

“What differentiates you from your competition?” is one of the key questions I ask my clients. Almost invariably among their responses is the answer, “We offer great service.” The problem…
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Slides Don’t Tell Stories

I attended a webinar recently that demonstrated the danger of PowerPoint. That is, PowerPoint can help you create slides, but it can’t help you tell a story. In the webinar,…
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Get Your Subject Matter Experts on Board

Developing good marketing materials – particularly for content marketing such as white papers, executive briefs, and case studies – requires input from subject matter experts (SMEs). Unfortunately, SMEs often respond…
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The 7 Deadly Sins for Websites

  Your website is your public face. It will often be the first place people ever hear about your business. It is definitely the place they will turn when they…
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