Insights & Opinions… from the MAC4 team.

Reel in Good Employees with Great Bait

In the digital age in which we live and work, portals have become the mainstay of many employee communications strategies. Portals are an efficient way to centrally house information and…
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Do people still read websites?

If you’re reading this, then obviously the answer is ‘yes.’ But why did you choose this blog post? Where are you reading it? And what will you do as a…
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A Marketing Fish Story

I used to do a lot of fishing with my dad up in Vermont. I well remember feeling the line tighten when a largemouth bass hit the lure. I recall…
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How Does Your Marketing Stack Up?

Take a moment to stop. Put your “to-do” list away. Forget about the next marketing meeting or sales presentation. Step back, put on your “objective” hat, and evaluate how your…
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